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Las Vegas Taxi Accident Lawyer

Although rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft are increasingly taking customers from taxi operators, taxis remain a popular form of conveyance. This is especially true in Las Vegas, where the economy is built largely on attracting and serving a continuous stream of visitors. If you are involved in an accident involving a taxi, what are your options? An experienced Las Vegas tax accident lawyer at J. Cogburn Law can help guide you along the path to making yourself whole again.

When is a Taxi Driver a Taxi Driver?

Unlike a person who uses his personal car to provide rides on behalf of a ride-sharing service, a taxi driver is legally considered to be working for the taxi company while driving a company vehicle. This is true whether they are delivering a passenger, on the way to pick up a passenger, or in between fares and waiting for a call.

Who is Liable?

Due to the fact that a driver is considered to be working for a taxi company at any time they are driving, the taxi company is considered to be responsible for injuries or damages caused by its drivers.

What Does the Term “Taxi Accident” Encompass?

You may be able to seek compensation from a taxi company if any of the following apply to you:

  • You were injured while a passenger in a taxi
  • You were injured while getting into or out of a taxi
  • You were hit by a taxi, or because of a taxi, while as a pedestrian

Who is at Fault? The Facts Tell the Tale

It must be underscored that, in any of these situations, you will only be able to seek compensation from the taxi company if it can be demonstrated with compelling evidence that the taxi driver was at fault.

What if the Taxi Driver is Not to Blame?

If your injury is the result of the actions of another driver or individual, the case will proceed as other car accident injury cases. If the driver is not insured, or underinsured, or was under the influence of alcohol or other substances at the time of the accident, these facts are important in filing a lawsuit to recover damages.

A Las Vegas taxi accident attorney at J. Cogburn Law have extensive experience with all these possibilities and can assess the best approach for your case. Their judgment in regard to these issues may be your best weapon as you move forward.

Background Checks

There is another potential wildcard regarding a case involving a taxi driver. According to Nevada law NRS 706, Regulation and Licensing of Motor Carriers, taxi companies are required to perform detailed background checks on their drivers.

Persons may not be employed as taxi drivers in Nevada if they have been convicted of offenses including:

  • A felony sexual offense
  • A felony other than a sexual within the previous five years
  • DUI within the previous three years
  • Other behavior that could be considered to be detrimental to public welfare, safety or health

These restrictions apply to convictions in any jurisdiction, not just within the borders of Nevada.

Additional Recourse

If it can be proved that the background check was omitted or poorly performed and that the taxi driver was, in fact, not eligible to be a taxi driver in Nevada, this may add to the strength of your case and have an impact on what an insurance company or jury would consider being fair compensation.

Legal Guidance is Vital

As you can see, there are an unusual number of factors in play in regard to a taxi accident lawsuit. Don’t get tangled in the complexities. Meet with a Las Vegas taxi accident attorney and benefit from the clear judgment and experience that can lead to a successful claim.

Free Case Consultation with a Las Vegas Taxi Accident Attorney

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