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What Does Product Liability?

The term “liability” refers to a state of being responsible for something, especially by law.

According to Nevada Law (Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 695E), “product liability” refers to legal responsibility for damages including:

  • Personal injury
  • Death
  • Emotional harm
  • Economic damage
  • Damage to property
  • Damages resulting from the loss of use of property

Causes of Damages

NRS695E also describes the factors that can cause damages for which you can legally seek redress. If you feel that your damages are the result of mistakes, negligence or other factors in regard to the following aspects of a product, you may have a case:

  • Manufacture
  • Design
  • Importation or distribution
  • Packaging
  • Inadequate or misleading labeling
  • Practices associated with the lease or sale of the product

Notable Examples

There have been several high-profile, high-settlement cases involving product liability that are likely to be familiar to you, though you may not have realized these were product liability cases. Faulty auto parts, pharmaceutical products with deadly side effects, faulty firearms, and other product liability cases have led to settlements as high as billions of dollars.

Who is Responsible?

Anyone involved in the chain of distribution of a product could potentially be responsible for damages that it causes.

This could include:

  • The company that manufactures the product
  • A company that manufactures a component of the final product
  • A wholesaler that sells the product to retail outlets
  • A retail store that sells the product

For a party to be liable, they do need to be part of the “official” chain of manufacture and distribution. For example, if your neighbor sells you a product that causes you harm, they could not be held responsible for its defects.

Product Defects

Plaintiffs in product liability cases need to prove that something occurred along the line that caused a product to be dangerously defective. Defects generally fall into three categories.


From its conception forward, independent of what might have occurred during manufacturing or marketing, the product was inherently unsafe.


This applies to situations where the product became unsafe due to mistakes, omissions, etc. when the product was made or assembled.


This can encompass a range of practices, including marketing messages that are incomplete, dishonest, misleading, etc., instructions that do not fully explain how to use (or assemble) a product or safety warnings that do not adequately communicate the risks associated with a product.

Making Your Case

While the law is clear on these matters, connecting the dots between your personal experience, the relevant statutes and the mechanics of a legal action can be quite complex. No matter how much you may be convinced that the damages you have suffered are the responsibility of those who made or sold the product, your case can fail if you engage the wrong attorney.

At J. Cogburn Law, our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers have an unequaled commitment to helping clients seek a jury award or settlement at a value that is just and fair, based upon the facts in the case. This commitment is given true strength by the deep experience and track record of success each Las Vegas product liability attorney at J. Cogburn Law has.

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