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What if I don’t hire a motorcycle accident lawyer for my case in Las Vegas?

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be hesitant to hire a lawyer. Maybe you’re worried about the cost, or perhaps you believe your insurance company will handle everything for you. However, avoiding legal representation can be a costly mistake. In this article, we’ll discuss the risks of not hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer and why it’s essential to seek professional legal help. So, what if I don’t hire a motorcycle accident lawyer for my case?

Legal Technicalities You Might Miss

Without legal representation, you risk failing to file the appropriate paperwork within the designated time frame, or not adhering to your state’s specific rules of evidence. Motorcycle accident laws are complex, especially when it comes to liability and negligence. A qualified motorcycle accident lawyer knows the ins and outs of these intricate laws, and they can help you navigate them to ensure that your rights are protected.

Little to No Compensation for Injuries

In a motorcycle accident case, the amount of compensation you receive is directly related to the severity of your injuries. If you’ve sustained debilitating injuries, you’ll want a lawyer to help you recover the maximum amount of damages possible. Insurance companies are often unwilling to offer fair compensation for these injuries, and without a lawyer, you’ll risk leaving money on the table.

No Experience in Negotiating Settlements

Insurance companies have a team of lawyers to protect their interests. If you’re unrepresented, you’ll be negotiating with an experienced, well-funded opponent. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can level the playing field and negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf. They know how to calculate your damages accurately, including any future economic losses related to the injuries.

Ignoring Future Health Issues

Some injuries may not show up straight away after an accident. For instance, you may initially feel fine, but later develop a severe back or neck issue that requires medical attention. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can ensure that you’re appropriately compensated for such injuries, ensuring that you have the resources necessary to pay for your future medical bills.

Public Record that May Harm Your Case

Any legal proceedings can be accessed through public records. Unfortunately, if you’re not represented by a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer, you risk leaving damaging information in the public record, which could harm your reputation. This could be something as simple as an unexpected admission that may harm your future career opportunities.

What if I don’t hire a motorcycle accident lawyer for my case in Las Vegas?

You may think that you can handle a Las Vegas motorcycle accident case yourself, but the truth is that insurance companies are looking out for their interests above all else. They have experienced lawyers on their side who will use every trick in the book to avoid paying you what you deserve. By ignoring legal representation, you risk losing out on the compensation you’re entitled to for your injuries, future medical expenses, pain, and suffering. Moreover, you can risk leaving a damaging trail in the public record that could harm your future. Take the wise decision and consult an experienced Las Vegas motorcycle accident law firm like J. Cogburn Law to protect your rights and get the compensation that you deserve. Our consultations are 100% free and you’ll have an experienced and trustworthy team on your side.