New Nevada Law Allows Cameras in Nursing Homes

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Madeleine Jones
October 2, 2023

Nursing home injuries and elder abuse are a severe concern in Nevada, prompting lawmakers to pass a bill that allows cameras in nursing homes. This new law aims to protect our vulnerable senior citizens from abuse and neglect. As a prominent nursing home injury attorney, Jamie Cogburn knows the dangers the elderly face in these facilities and was instrumental, along with Assemblywoman Shondra Summers-Armstrong, in passing the new law. This article will explore the new law, what it means for seniors and their families, and how it can help prevent nursing home abuse.

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The New Law Regarding Cameras in Nursing Homes

According to the new law, residents in Nevada nursing homes or assisted living facilities can install cameras in their rooms to monitor their care. However, there are specific guidelines that need to be followed. For instance, the cameras must be visible, and all room residents must consent. Additionally, the cameras can only be placed in a resident’s room, not shared spaces like hallways or dining areas. While the installation, maintenance, and removal of the cameras are the resident’s or their family’s responsibility, nursing homes cannot prohibit their use.

Should Families Monitor Their Loved Ones?

Cameras in nursing homes have become increasingly popular over the years. It is a way for families to monitor their loved one’s care and detect any signs of abuse or neglect. However, some nursing homes have opposed the new law, citing privacy concerns for residents and staff. However, Jamie Cogburn believes that this law is a step in the right direction towards accountability and transparency in nursing homes. The law is also critical for residents who do not have family or loved ones to check on them regularly. It provides an additional layer of protection against abusive caregivers or neglectful staff. Jamie Cogburn advises families to take advantage of this law and install cameras, ensuring their loved ones’ safety in nursing homes. It is essential to note that the law applies to nursing homes and covers all assisted living facilities in Nevada. Additionally, the law provides specific guidelines on the use and ownership of the footage obtained from the cameras. Only the resident, their family, or legal guardian can own and access the footage from the cameras. The footage can also be used as evidence in court should there be allegations of abuse or neglect in the nursing home.

Further, this law aims to provide more accountability for caregivers and staff in nursing homes. Nursing home injuries can result from neglectful or abusive caregivers, leading to harsh penalties and lawsuits. The new law can help families detect signs of nursing home abuse and take appropriate legal action against negligent nursing homes, caregivers, or staff.

Reasons to Install Granny Cams in Your Loved One's Care Facility

  1. Safety Monitoring: Cameras can provide real-time monitoring of the loved ones’ living environment, crucial to ensuring their safety. They can help detect unusual activity or potential dangers such as falls, accidents, or intruders.
  2. Healthcare Support: For elderly loved ones or those with health conditions, cameras can be used to monitor their health status. If they show signs of discomfort or illness, or if a medical emergency occurs, immediate help can be sought.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing your loved ones are safe and secure gives you peace of mind. Cameras allow family members to check in on their loved ones anytime, from anywhere, reducing anxiety and stress.
  4. Evidence Collection: In case of incidents, such as theft or caregiver abuse, camera footage can serve as evidence. This can be vital in resolving disputes or legal matters.

Promoting Independence: Cameras can help loved ones live independently for longer. By monitoring their daily routines, families can assess their ability to perform tasks and make necessary adjustments to their care plan without being overly intrusive.

Financial Considerations

The new law allowing cameras in nursing homes is a significant step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of senior citizens in nursing homes. It will enable families to monitor their loved one’s care and detect signs of abuse or neglect. The law also serves as a deterrent to abusive caregivers and staff while providing more accountability for nursing homes. As a leading nursing home injury attorney, Jamie Cogburn welcomes this new law and urges families to take advantage of it to ensure their loved ones’ safety. 

Next Steps

The passage of the bill allowing cameras in nursing homes represents a significant milestone in safeguarding the elderly population in Nevada. Thanks to the tireless advocacy of Jamie Cogburn and others, families now have a valuable tool to monitor their loved one’s care and deter potential abuse or neglect.

If you or your loved ones have experienced nursing home injuries or suspect elder abuse, seeking legal assistance is crucial. Jamie Cogburn and his firm, J. Cogburn Law, are dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate these challenging situations. Contact J. Cogburn Law today to ensure the rights and safety of your loved ones in nursing homes are protected. Together, we can prevent nursing home abuse and promote accountability within these facilities.

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