The Top 10 Causes of Accidents in the Workplace

Here Is A List Of Common Causes Of Accidents In The Workplace & They Might Be A Reason To Hire A Work Injury Lawyer.
Man Working With Dangerous Equipment
Madeleine Jones
July 5, 2019

Depending on the work you perform and the hazards present in your workplace, you could be at risk of suffering a workplace injury. These incidents can cause you to experience severe pain, pay for high medical bills, and lose out on weeks or months of wages. Here is a list of the common causes of accidents in the workplace.


Certain accidents cause workplace injuries at a higher rate than others, such as:

#1: Overexertion

According to the 2018 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, overexertion was the number-one cause of workplace injury claims in the United States during 2018. These injuries led to $13.7 billion in workers’ compensation payouts, totaling 23.4% of the total payout amounts. Overexertion involves any injury related to pushing, holding, lifting, carrying, or handling objects on the job.

#2: Falls on the Same Level

Falls on the same level was the second-leading cause of workplace injury claims, totaling $11.2 billion in 2018 and encompassing 19.2% of all claims. These injuries involve falling onto the ground while walking or working, or falling into or against objects on the same level as you.

#3: Falls to a Lower Level

The third-highest cause of workplace compensation claims fell to a lower level. Workers received $5.9 billion in compensation for these accidents, encompassing 10% of all claims. Unlike falls to the same level, falls to a lower level involve falling off of a ledge, ladder, or other elevated working surfaces.

#4: Struck by Object or Equipment

Being struck by an object or equipment was also a high cause of workplace accidents in 2018. Workers received $5.3 billion in compensation for these accidents in 2018, making up 9.1% of workplace injury claims. These injuries occur when a falling object or piece of equipment hits you. The objects can also be flying, rolling, or swinging.

#5: Other Exertions or Bodily Reactions

United States workers received $4.2 billion in compensation for other exertions or bodily reactions in 2018, making up 7.2% of claims. These injuries encompass a broad category of accidents caused by certain repetitive motions. You can develop this type of injury by sitting, slipping without falling, standing, climbing, bending, and reaching.

#6: Roadway Incidents Involving Motorized Land Vehicle

In 2018, workers received $3.2 billion in compensation for accidents caused by motorized land vehicles such as cars, tractors, and trucks. These accidents made up 5.5% of total injury costs to U.S. employers and can occur either on a roadway or while out in the work field.

#7: Slip or Trip Without Fall

Workers received $2.3 billion in compensation for accidents involving slips and trips without falls in 2018. These accidents encompassed 3.9% of workplace injuries in 2018. Not all slips or trips lead to falling, but they could lead to stumbling, falling into objects, and injury to the feet, legs, or ankles.

#8: Caught in or Compressed By Equipment or Objects

Workers received $2.1 billion in compensation for accidents involving compression by equipment or objects. These claims made up 3.6% of workplace injuries in 2018.  These accidents are most common in workplaces with heavy machinery, which can crush, compress, squeeze, and seriously injure or mangle a body part.

#9: Struck Against Object or Equipment

Another leading cause of a workplace injury in 2018 was an object or a piece of equipment striking against a worker, with employees receiving up to $2 billion in compensation. These claims encompassed 3.5% of total injury costs. These injuries occur when you hit an object or equipment, such as running into a corner or another person.

#10: Repetitive Motions Involving Microtasks

The final leading cause of workplace accidents is repetitive motions involving microtasks. These accidents led workers to collect $1.5 billion in compensation during 2018, making up 2.6% of total injury costs to employers. These injuries are common among office workers who have to perform the same tasks over and over again, such as typing and clicking for hours without breaks.

Have You Suffered From Accidents In The Workplace

If you suffered an injury in the workplace, you can recover monetary damages for your injuries through a workers’ compensation claim. Contact a Las Vegas workplace injuries attorney as soon as possible for assistance filing your Nevada compensation claim.