Top 10 Safety Tips for College Students

Madeleine Jones
October 14, 2019

Going to college is an exciting time in a young person’s life, but many accidents can happen on campus. These safety tips can help you or your child avoid injuries while attending classes. If you’ve been injured while on campus, a Las Vegas campus accident lawyer can help.

 #1: Be Careful at Night

College students should not walk around alone in the dark. This can put you at risk for several hazards – including violent crimes and collisions with motor vehicles. Walk with a friend, wear bright clothing or reflectors, and stay in well-lit areas.

#2: Don’t Let Tech Distract You

Whether you’re playing music on your phone or responding to a text message, technology can make you less aware of your surroundings. To avoid getting into an accident, never handle your tech while driving and stay aware of passing bicycles or cars if you’re navigating your campus on foot.

#3: Stay Safe with Alcohol

College can lead to a lot of unsafe alcohol consumption and dangerous behaviors, such as binge drinking, blackouts, and driving while intoxicated. Always plan for a safe ride home after a party, drink in moderation, and stay close to your friends during a night out.

#4: Keep an Eye Out for Hazards

A common cause of injury on college campuses are slip and falls, which can lead to broken bones, sprains, spinal cord injuries, and severe pain. Stay alert of any potential slip and fall hazards when walking around campus. Pay attention to wet floor signs, avoid fallen debris, and take care when walking up and down the stairs.

#5: Know Where Emergency Stations Are on Campus

Many college campuses have emergency phones and stations spread throughout the area for you to use in case of an emergency. Learn what these look like and keep your eye out for the closest one whenever you are on campus.

#6: Keep Your Emergency Contacts Handy

You never know when you could be in a dangerous situation and need support. Keep emergency contact numbers on your smartphone in case you are in an accident. Memorize numbers for your contacts, police station, and campus support services or keep them on your phone.

#7: Keep Your Dorm Locked

While many dorm buildings have key card access or other security measures, strangers can still get into your room if you and your classmates are not careful. Keep your dorm doors and windows locked when you are in class, sleeping, or even going down the hall.

#8: Stock Up with Emergency Supplies

You never know when you could be in a dangerous situation on campus. Keep extra food, water, and clothing with you in your car in case you are in an accident. If you walk alone frequently, keep self-defense supplies like pepper spray and whistles on you – make sure to check with your college if there are any restrictions.

#9: Drive Carefully

While you may be a responsible driver, others may not be so cautious. When driving at night or around campus, keep an eye out for intoxicated drivers and follow the rules of the road. Avoid distractions and stay vigilant – this can help you steer clear of an accident.

#10: Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

It’s easy to update your friends with your location on social media platforms. However, this behavior can put you at risk for stalking and other violent crimes. Stay safe and only share your information with trusted individuals.

What to Do If You Are Injured on Campus

If you suffer an injury on campus, stay calm and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Take photographs of your injuries, collect the contact information of witnesses at the scene, and save your medical records. If someone else’s negligence caused your accident, contact an attorney to discuss your compensation options.

College can pose a lot of risks to its students, but staying safe and staying smart can help you or your student stay out of harm’s way. However, accidents can happen outside of your control – if you or your child sustains an injury on a college campus, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.