The Top Workplace Injuries in Nevada

Madeleine Jones
October 22, 2019

Suffering an injury on the job can be very damaging, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Some injuries may lead to complete disability, while others may result in a condition that may take weeks to heal from – causing you to lose out on your wages. There are certain injuries befall Nevada employees more often than others. 

How Common Are Workplace Injuries?

According to the National Safety Council, a United States worker suffers an injury on the job every seven seconds. Every hour, 510 employees suffer a workplace-related injury – and over the course of a year, approximately 4.6 million Americans suffer an injury, which can lead to a serious drain on productivity. In 2017, the American workforce lost over 104 million production days due to injury.

Workplace injuries can often result in death. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States saw 5,190 fatal workplace injuries in 2016, and 5,147 fatalities in 2017. Nevada sees high numbers of on-the-job injuries each year, many of which are fatal. 54 people lost their lives as a result of an accident in the workplace in Nevada during 2016.

What Are the Most Common Injuries on the Job?

The most common types of injuries that keep employees from performing their regular duties include pain, lacerations, and sprains. The most common workplace injuries across the United States include the following.

  • Overexertion, including repetitive motions such as typing on a computer or lifting heavy equipment.
  • Contact with objects and equipment, such as a heavy object striking you, becoming caught between objects, or a structure or material collapsing around you.
  • Slips, trips, and falls, either falling onto the same level or falling from a high place onto a lower level.

In the state of Nevada, the following types of workplace injuries caused the most fatalities during 2017.

  • 41 people died as a result of a transportation incident on the job, such as motor vehicle collisions and malfunctioning transportation equipment.
  • 25 people died due to violence and injuries sustained as a result of another person or an animal.
  • 22 people died due to falls, slips, and trips.
  • 9 people died as a result of harmful substances or environmental exposure.
  • The construction industry in Nevada had the highest amounts of workplace fatalities, followed by transport and warehousing.

What to Do After a Workplace Injury

Under Nevada state law, you have the right to collect workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer an injury on the job in Nevada. These benefits can help pay for your medical expenses and supplement your income if you can’t return to work or are suffering from a partial or total disability.

However, claiming this compensation can be a difficult process, depending on the circumstances of your case and how the insurance company views your eligibility. Follow these steps after an injury to increase your chances of a successful outcome.

  • Seek medical attention. Your employer may tell you to go to a specific doctor or hospital, or you may choose your own – check with your employer first. Inform the hospital staff that you suffered an injury on the job and save all the paperwork you receive.
  • Report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. Your employer will then begin the paperwork for you to file your claim. You have seven days to submit a notice to your employer, and 90 days from the date of your injury to file your claim.
  • Contact a Nevada workers’ compensation attorney to help you file your claim. This process can be difficult and you will need to build a strong case for your benefits. Your attorney can help you collect the necessary evidence and complete your paperwork without any errors. In addition, if the insurance company denies your claim, your attorney can help you prepare an appeal.

If you suffer an injury on the job in Nevada, you may be eligible for benefits under workers’ compensation. You can claim lost wages during recovery time, disability benefits, and medical expenses related to your injury. If you need assistance filing your workers’ compensation claim or want to discuss your case further, contact a Las Vegas workplace injury attorney and schedule a free consultation.