Street Racing: A Fast and Furious Road to Injuries and Death

Madeleine Jones
March 20, 2018

street racing, sport car, accident lawyerCities across the country, including Las Vegas, are experiencing a rise in illegal street racing that’s putting thousands of people in the hospital each year from serious injuries and fatalities. This popular trend is attracting the interest of many teenage boys who see it as a way to get fast thrills from an adrenaline rush behind the wheel.

Although street racing has been around since the invention of the automobile, recent movies that showcase fast cars and the thrill of racing may be responsible for the resurgence. If you or a family member was seriously injured in a car accident, call a Las Vegas car accident attorney at Cogburn Law Offices today for a free case consultation.

Illegal street racing gives many teenage drivers a way to compete for popularity and celebrity status among their friends and peers. The sport is extremely dangerous for drivers and bystanders within the race vicinity, because drivers reach high speeds within seconds. Dangerous high speeds are not just confined to street races. Illegal race participants frequently reach triple-digit speeds on their way to race locations, typically on city roadways and freeways.

Street Races Come in All Shapes and Sizes

  • Spontaneous Races are not planned. Most drivers don’t know each other. Races start when one driver pulls up next to another and revs the engine, then the race goes on for several blocks at high speeds.
  • Staged Races are more organized, because drivers meet before the race to determine racers. Races can start from a complete stop, then quickly reach speeds up to 80 mph within one block.
  • Closed Races are held on open roadways, highways, and parking lots during late night or early morning hours. Adjoining streets are blocked, while spectators watch out for law enforcement.
  • All-Out Races often last for miles while several racers compete for large sums of money or vehicle pink slips. Since the stakes are high, all-out races reach high speeds and are extremely dangerous for anyone on the road.

In recent years, Las Vegas has seen a significant rise in illegal street races that ended in severe injuries and deaths. In Nevada, law enforcement imposes harsh penalties for illegal street racing convictions. Penalties include steep fines, a driver’s license suspension for up to two years, and possible jail time for six months.