How to Take Legal Action against Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence in Las Vegas

elderly woman alone in dining table
Madeleine Jones
June 12, 2023

Nursing homes are supposed to be safe havens for the elderly where they can receive quality care and attention. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are cases of physical, emotional, and financial abuse perpetrated against residents of nursing homes. If you or your loved one has suffered abuse or negligence in a nursing home, it is essential to take legal action. A Las Vegas nursing home abuse attorney, J. Cogburn Law, offers five ways to take legal action against nursing home abuse and negligence.

Look for signs of abuse or neglect

The first step in taking legal action against nursing home abuse or negligence is to recognize the signs of it. Look out for physical signs such as bruises, cuts, or bedsores, emotional signs such as depression, anxiety, or fear, and in extreme cases, malnutrition, extreme fatigue, or even the sudden onset of a severe illness. We have an article that goes into depth about the ten red flags of nursing home abuse.

Speak to the Nursing Home Management

Once you have suspected or confirmed that abuse or neglect is happening, report it to the nursing home management. Approach them with your concerns and ask for an explanation. Model the appropriate response might be to resolve the issue. If the nursing home management fails to address the issues, it might be time to take legal action.

Contact Local Authorities

You can reach out to local authorities, such as the Department of Health, the state Attorney General’s office, or the police department, to report instances of abuse or neglect if you’re not happy with the explanations from the facilities management. They can carry out investigations and take the necessary actions to protect your loved one.

Document Everything

For legal evidence, you need to document everything from the first suspected signs of abuse or negligence. Take pictures of the injuries and bruises if possible, and note down any conversations with the nursing home staff. Additionally, keep records of medical reports and any form of communication with the nursing home management. The more documented evidence you have, the stronger your case becomes.

Hire an Elder Abuse Attorney

Finally, you should hire a competent nursing home abuse attorney to help you present your case. An attorney can guide you through the legal process and ensure that you receive fair compensation for the harm that has come to your loved one. In Las Vegas, clients can count on J. Cogburn Law to offer expert representation and a winning track record in nursing home abuse lawsuits.

How to Take Legal Action against Nursing Home Abuse & Negligence in Las Vegas

Taking legal action against nursing home abuse and neglect is a difficult decision. But if your loved one has been a victim, it’s the right thing to do. Contact J. Cogburn Law, a Las Vegas nursing home abuse attorney today, for personalized legal representation, and let’s work together to stand up against nursing home abuse and neglect.