A Mother’s Love: Courtney Kaplan’s Inspiring Journey of Healing and Hope

Madeleine Jones
August 28, 2023

Courtney Kaplan, a woman of remarkable strength and boundless compassion, confronted unimaginable sorrow when her beloved son, Michael Sigler, tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident—just one week before his high school graduation. The abrupt loss of Michael sent shockwaves through their community, leaving friends and family grappling with grief. 

Amid profound pain, Courtney stood at a crossroads, facing a choice that would shape her future. Instead of succumbing to anger, blame, or hatred, Courtney deliberately chose to follow a path driven by love, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to foster positive change. She understood that harboring anger and resentment would neither bring Michael back nor mend her heart. Instead, Courtney made a remarkable decision: to honor her son’s memory by championing a cause that could offer hope to others—organ donation.

Michael Sigler’s life, though tragically brief, radiated with promise, kindness, and charisma, leaving an enduring impact on those fortunate enough to know him. In the wake of this tragedy, Courtney embraced the opportunity to perpetuate his legacy of love through advocacy. In doing so, she would honor her son’s memory and extend his compassion to the world.

Courtney’s mission centered around a single, vital focus. She dedicated herself to raising awareness about organ donation, using Michael’s legacy to inspire change. She aimed to encourage others to consider becoming organ donors and provide hope to those in need of life-saving transplants.

Courtney’s unwavering dedication to this cause connected her with countless individuals who found deep inspiration in her story. She emerged as a tenacious advocate for organ donation — actively participating in awareness campaigns, delivering powerful speeches at events, and sharing her compelling message across the globe. Courtney’s tireless efforts were recognized by Angel Awards, naming her “Volunteer of the Year.”

After her indescribable loss, Courtney discovered love’s profound ability to heal wounds, brighten dark moments, and create beauty from adversity. Courtney Kaplan’s remarkable journey showcases the awe-inspiring capacity of the human spirit to transcend tragedy and illuminate the world with hope and positive change. Her strength is nothing short of mind-blowing.

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