8 Steps To Take After A Hotel Injury [Guide]

Madeleine Jones
July 21, 2020

When you’re planning a vacation the last thing you want to think about is what to do if you’re injured in an accident. When you’re on vacation you are lost in relaxation and making amazing memories. But in reality, accidents do happen and people can get hurt. Sometimes, the accident could have been prevented and it should not have happened at all. When this happens, you need to take action and get help. Very often, evidence gets lost when the victim assumes that the responsible hotel will do the right thing. Right after you’re involved in a hotel accident in Las Vegas you really need to rely on yourself to make sure your future claim is not diluted. The following is a list of steps to take after a hotel injury to keep in mind.

8 Steps To Take After A Hotel Injury in Las Vegas

#1 Get Medical Care

If you need to, call 911 or ask for medical assistance at least. It’s very common for people to just brush it off or even feel embarrassed after a slip and fall. However, you should not assume that everything is fine. But please, allow a medical professional to check on you and tell you that you will be okay. If you are indeed injured then follow every instruction given to you by the doctors. 

It is important that you collect all the paperwork related to your injury from the doctor. You may be required to share it with your attorney later.

#2 Ask For The Manager Or Security And Make A Report

You should know that hotels are not under any legal obligation to make a report after your accident. However, almost every hotel will make a report once they hear about any type of accident, especially when someone was injured. Hotels require to have safety procedures and risk management policies by their insurance company, and this includes taking a report. 

Make sure you speak to a manager after your accident and request a report.

#3 Stick To The Facts When Making The Report

The whole purpose of making an incident report is to have a record of being injured in a hotel. You should not make any admissions, or excuses, not even explanations. Doing so could potentially be used against you sometime later in the claim, and trial process. It is important that you report the accident, and exactly what happened to you and how you are hurt. Any explanations of the accident will be discussed at a later date.

#4 Find Any Eyewitnesses

There might have been people around you that saw what happened. Othe guests or hotel employees, or your family members observed what happened to you. Identifying potential eyewitnesses can be of great value later on when you file a claim.

When you identify potential eyewitnesses, ask for their names and contact information, that way your lawyer can contact them in the future. We always remind our clients that sometimes relying on the kindness of eyewitnesses can go a long way.

#5 Take Potos Of Your Injuries And What Caused The Accident

We all carry our cell phones with us most of the time. Make sure you capture photographs and video of your injury right after the accident. Your friends and family can help you. Don’t assume the hotel will keep evidence. Actually, most hotels will likely clean or fix the area or the condition that caused your accident. It is always better to play it safe and collect all the photos and videos that you can.

#6 Avoid Using The Internet To Address The Issue

It is always tempting to write negative reviews on travel websites or use social media after a bad experience at a hotel. However, keep in mind that every statement you might make can have an impact on your claim. Just like with any other personal injury claim, you should avoid discussing any claim, or recovery online. A defense attorney can have access to your accounts sometimes, even if you have the highest privacy settings for your social media accounts. 

Keep conversations about the accident between you and your Las Vegas hotel accident lawyer.

#7 Collect Evidence Of Proof Of Damages

You need to collect all evidence of damages to complete your burden of proof in a claim. If you didn’t spend any money related to your injury, you don’t have a claim. 

Keep a copy of all your medical bills and record, any receipts for prescriptions, and injury-related expenses. If your injury prevented you from going to work, you should have written verification of any lost wages. Ask your employer for a written letter listing wages that you’ve lost, any bonuses you missed, and any vacation or sick days you used.

#8 Contact A Hotel Injury Attorney As Soon As Possible

A personal injury claim, including a hotel accident, can be complex. You are going up against a big hotel company, its lawyers, and its insurance company. Each and every one of them wants to pay you as little as they can to settle your claim. You are going to need an experienced legal team on your side to fight for your right to recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

A hotel injury can turn into a permanent disability that can alter your life forever. It can also result in thousands of dollars in damages, including medical bills, personal care, and lost wages. You need an experienced hotel injury legal team to help you present a compelling case on your behalf.

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Hotel Injury Lawyers In Las Vegas, Nevada

If you were injured while staying in a hotel, whether it is a hotel slip & fall accident or negligent security, these 8 steps to take right after your hotel injury can have a significant impact on your case. The hotel injury lawyers at Cogburn Law can help you with your injury claim. Give us a call today for a free consultation at (702) 748-7777!

I was on vacation with my family in Las Vegas on March 2019. On our 2nd day, I was walking through the lobby when I slipped and fell. My left arm broke my fall but my wrist swelled up almost immediately. I went to the Valley hospital emergency room and was seen to. I could move my fingers so I didn’t want the trouble of an X-ray or the cost of it. It was severely sprained. For the next 3 days, I could not carry or lift anything. The hotel staff was very accommodating but when they started to ask me to sign papers regarding the injury I got worried. I spoke to Alex at Cogburn Law who urged me to sit still and wait. They arrived within 20 minutes and looked over the documents and advised not to sign. From there they looked after everything. After returning home I was kept in the loop of everything. Within a few months, I received a check that covered my medical bills and more and I’m so happy I made that call! They really care for you! Thank you, Alex & Jamie!

Jenna F.