5 Reasons Why You’re More Likely To Get Injured During Panic Shopping

empty grocery store during panic shopping
Madeleine Jones
March 19, 2020

It’s not all in your mind. The growing panic over Covid-19 is real and it’s only getting worse. Fear is a rational response.

The coronavirus crisis is causing panic-buying at grocery stores, and it’s starting to get physical.

There have been numerous incidents of shoppers physically attacking each other over items like toilet paper. Every day, people risk getting injured by going to grocery stores in COVID-19 times. For example, there are many reasons why people can get injured while panic shopping:

empty grocery store during panic shopping

#1 The Store Is At Capacity With Customers

For older shoppers who may be at greater risk of serious complications from COVID-19, a crowded grocery store is a difficult place to be. A large number of people inside the store spreading panic can cause people panic or anxiety attacks. These have the risk of leading to faintings and head injuries.

#2 Store Employees Are Overwhelmed

Grocery store employees are the most stressed and overworked as they continue to work through the coronavirus pandemic. There is no such thing as a virus spread crisis training for grocery store employees. Employees might fail to give appropriate customer support. This can lead to customers to give in to panic and can provoke an aggressive, violent response. 

#3 Store Aisles Are Not Clean

With panic taking over, shoppers may not care if they leave a mess behind them. Overwhelmed store employees may not be on top of things and not clean it immediately. Slippery floors from leaks at produce and refrigerated sections can cause severe injuries.

#4 Store Is Cluttered

With employees struggling to keep up with their duties, aisle obstructions from boxes, pallets, and food restock can also lead to injuries.

#5 Panic Can Turn Customers Violent

Coronavirus panic can spark violence. For example, shoppers brawl to get the already scarce cleaning and hygiene items. Their survival instinct kicks in and it can be a violent one.

Common Panic Shopping Injuries

Supermarket accidents often involve slips and falls and result in serious injuries. But, especially during panic shopping, falling items, and shelves, and violent customers contribute to many injuries. For example, some common injuries that result from supermarket accidents during panic shopping are:

  • Cuts
  • Sprain injuries
  • Bruises
  • Broken bones, especially ankles and wrists
  • Fractures
  • Back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Concussions
  • Panic Attacks
  • Cardiac Arrests
  • Faintings

These types of injuries can be mild to severe. Sometimes, treatment is quick and easy. In others, however, treatment can include the need for surgery, physical therapy, medication, hospital stays, and months or years of time to recover. In the worst-case scenarios, injuries from a supermarket accident can result in a lifetime of medical problems and sadly, even death. Proving negligence is essential to collecting maximum damages the laws allow. It is especially important when the victim is going to suffer the effects of the slip and fall accident for a long time.

Panic Shopping Injury Liability

Grocery stores and supermarkets have legal responsibilities to customers. They must ensure the premises are safe. This duty resides with the owner of the supermarket, the owner of the property, management, and employees. They all should avoid unduly harming the people in and around the store. For instance, when a dangerous condition exists that someone knew about and you suffer injuries, you might have a claim against the supermarket.

If you suffered injuries in a supermarket, a personal injury lawyer who understands premises liability could help you collect the maximum compensation. However, if you were panic shopping and were injured by another customer, it’s a whole other story. Said customer might be liable for causing your injuries. At Cogburn Law we can help you determine who’s at fault and if you deserve any compensation to cover your financial, physical and emotional injuries.

After a Panic Shopping Incident

Immediately after the incident, request to see a manager before leaving the scene. After that, request that an incident report is filed, even if you don’t believe you were injured. Make sure to seek medical attention immediately, no matter the severity of your injury. Adrenaline can mask serious injuries and you can only notice them long after the accident. Therefore, you may not realize you were injured until hours or days later. Take photos of the area immediately after the accident and request copies of the surveillance camera footage. Make sure you keep all medical bills, receipts, and lost wages documentation as well.

Panic Shopping Injury Lawyer In Las Vegas

If you or a loved one has been injured during panic shopping contact the slip and fall attorneys at Cogburn Law today. See if you qualify for a premises liability claim. You may arrange for a free consultation by calling (702) 448-7777.

If you would like to learn more about the personal injury claims process, or you would like a guide on how to win your personal injury case, just add your email below. We will send you our top tips for absolutely free.

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