What To Do In Case Of a Tire Blowout?

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Madeleine Jones
October 20, 2021

A sudden tire blowout can cause a car to overturn and flip off the road. People can lose their lives and bring tragedy to their families. These accidents are not rare occurrences. In 2019, there were 612 motor vehicle traffic fatalities in tire-related accidents. Below we will go through some tips to help you know what to do in case of a tire blowout, from how to avoid it to safety tips to handle it.

Our hope is to help you stay safe on the road. If you become a victim of a tire blowout crash, you should get medical attention immediately. After doing this, get legal help from an expert personal injury attorney. Cogburn Law has an experienced team of lawyers that can help you with your personal injury case. Insurance companies won’t really help get you the money you deserve since their goal is to pay out as little money as possible. This is why you need expert representation to help you get the compensation you need. A Las Vegas car accident attorney will offer you the best opportunity to get it.

What Are The Common Causes Of A Tire Blowout?

A tire blowout is basically caused by a tire losing air. However, there are different factors that can contribute to it, including:

  • Overinflated tires
  • Underinflated tires
  • Defective tires
  • Worn out tires
  • Hot-weather overinflated tires
  • Falling into potholes
  • Abrasions or punctures from road hazards
  • Improper size of tire for the vehicle
  • Blisters, cracks, or bulges in the sidewall
  • Extreme weather conditions

Always watch out for all of the previously mentioned factors. It is never too late to fix these issues to prevent a tire blowout. However, if you are injured in a tire blowout-related crash that wasn’t your fault, contact one of our experienced personal injury attorneys for a free initial consultation.

How Do You Avoid a Tire Blowout?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends TireWise to help you avoid any tire blowout and be safe on the road. TireWise is a good resource to learn everything about tire safety, maintenance, labeling, fuel efficiency, as well as tire retailers.

Buying The Appropriate Tires

This is very important. Where you live and the weather you drive in are important factors to consider when tire buying. It is also important to know the rating of your tires. The United States Government rates tires based on traction performance, tread wear, and temperature resistance. You should also buy the right size of tires for your car. 

Proper Tire Maintenance

When you select the right tires for your car, it is time to keep them well maintained. Keeping your tires maintained can help avoid a deadly tire blowout. You should do the following to maintain your tires properly:

  • Maintain proper tire pressure: this is an essential part of the maintenance of your tires. It can impact its durability and safety.
  • Check tire tread: you should do this once a month. This will keep the car safe by protecting the car’s traction and gripping traction.
  • Ensure proper alignment and balance: having the tires balanced ensures the wheels are properly rotating. Alignment and balance are key to vehicle safety.
  • Follow recommended time rotation schedules: check your car owner’s manual for tire rotation. Rotating your vehicle’s tires can help diminish irregular wear. Irregular wear can shorten the life of your tires as well as affect fuel efficiency.

Tire Aging Can Cause Accidents

The aging of your tires can increase the risks of a crash. It happens when the tire components change over time due to environmental conditions, storage, and service. As the tire gets older it can be more prone to failure. Replacing older tires is very important.

If you get injured because of another driver’s tire blowout, you might wonder if you are entitled to compensation. Speak to a personal injury lawyer. They can give you legal advice and can help protect your rights. 

What To Do In Case Of a Tire Blowout?

Even the most cautious vehicle owner can experience a tire blowout accident. It can be scary. When a tire blows it can result in a chain-reaction car accident that can affect a number of drivers. So, remember to stay calm and try your best to stay safe and handle the blowout. The following are tips to help you keep control of your car:

  • Don’t slam on the brakes
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel
  • Don’t remove your foot from the accelerator too abruptly
  • Keep the car speed if you can
  • Slowly release the accelerator
  • Steer as necessary to stabilize the car and get control
  • Once you stabilize the car, slow down and safely pull off the road

We hope the tips above can help you stay safe in case of a tire blowout. If another driver’s tire blowout injures you, get immediate medical help. Once you get it, it is time to contact a personal injury lawyer. If you were hurt because someone else didn’t take the measures to avoid a tire blowout, it is because of their negligence that you could be entitled to get compensation for your damages.

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