What to Do If You’ve Been Injured in a Bus Accident

Madeleine Jones
August 20, 2019

Bus accidents can be very serious due to the sheer size and weight of these vehicles – leading to severe injuries, property damage, and emotional trauma, among other damages. If you have mounting medical bills, weeks of lost wages, and other losses, you can recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim with the help of a Las Vegas bus accident lawyer. Follow these steps after the accident to increase your chances of a successful settlement.

Call 911 and Speak to Law Enforcement

The very first action you should take after your bus accident is to call 911 and request emergency services to the scene. If you are in an unsafe situation, get yourself to a safe place and call 911 or ask someone to do it for you. Make sure that police officers and an ambulance comes to your location.

When law enforcement arrives, give the police officers a detailed account of the bus accident. Explain what happened, what you were doing, and how you suffered your injuries. Do not admit fault, even if you believe the accident was your fault – you may not have a clear picture of what happened at this point. The officers, insurance companies, and your injury attorney will determine fault through investigation. In addition, ask the responding officer for his or her badge number and name so that you can find your accident report later.

Seek Medical Attention

Visit a hospital or go with the ambulance as soon as possible to receive treatment for your injuries – even if you do not think you do not have any injuries. You may not feel the extent of your injuries until hours or even days after the collision. You could lose your chances of receiving compensation if you do not receive medical attention immediately.

Your medical records will both be crucial pieces of information in your future insurance claim and lawsuit. These records will verify the extent of your injuries and the amount of compensation you can claim. Save every piece of documentation you receive after seeking medical attention.

Document Your Injuries and the Scene

If you can move around without pain and without putting yourself in danger, take steps to document the accident scene. Take pictures of the road around where you and the bus collided and any posted traffic signs and signals. Photograph your vehicle and any damage to the bus, as well as any injuries you suffered.

Speak to the bus driver and exchange contact information, including names, addresses, and insurance information. In addition, ask any witnesses in the area if you can have their information for use in your future claim. Collect their names, phone numbers, and email addresses and save them for later.

Contact a Las Vegas Accident Attorney

After your accident, an insurance adjuster may visit you and ask questions about the accident. It is important not to speak to the adjuster until you contact a bus accident attorney in Las Vegas who can advise you on your best course of action. Hiring a Las Vegas personal injury attorney can provide numerous benefits for your case.

  • Your attorney will have the resources and the network of experts necessary to perform an in-depth investigation into your bus accident.
  • Insurance companies tend to offer lower settlements to people who do not have legal representation. Your attorney can evaluate their offers and negotiate for a higher settlement on your behalf.
  • Handling an insurance claim or a lawsuit while recovering from injuries can be very difficult. Your attorney can guide you through the legal process so you can focus on healing, not paperwork.

The first moments after an accident are crucial – follow these steps to the best of your ability to benefit your future insurance claim or lawsuit. In addition, make sure to contact a bus accident lawyer as soon as you receive medical attention. Your attorney can help you gather the evidence you may have missed, speak to experts and witnesses, and help you file your claim.