Pull Through Your Trailer Towing Trip without a Scratch [infographic]

Madeleine Jones
May 4, 2018

Whether a professional tow truck driver or headed to a favorite camping spot with family, pulling a trailer of any size takes driving skills and practice. The size of the trailer is directly related to the number of adjustments a driver must make to prevent accidents. If you or a family member was seriously injured in a truck accident, call a Las Vegas accident attorney at Cogburn Law Offices today for a free case consultation.

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tips for pulling a trailer safely INFOGRAPHIC


Safety Tips for Pulling a Trailer

Vehicle Towing Weight

Before attempting to tow a trailer, it’s essential to check the owner’s manual of the vehicle pulling the trailer for recommended towing weight. Some standardly sized sedans can haul up to 2000 pounds, while most SUVs, pickup trucks, and larger trucks can haul considerably more weight. To prevent car accidents and difficult handling on the road, drivers should not attempt to pull an RV, boat, ATV, or fully loaded trailer over the recommended weight.

Hitching Equipment

Improperly hitching the trailer to the towing vehicle is causes frequent towing accidents and injuries. Common mishaps with safety chains, pins, clips, and towing accessories can cause a trailer to break loose from its hitch. A towing setup must be checked carefully before and after every tow. It’s easy to lose hitch pins and clips when unhitching a trailer. Some drivers replace them with make-shift bolts that don’t fit properly or securely, a dangerous practice that can dislodge the trailer while speeding down the road.

Trailer Lights

Dim or improper lights on the back of a trailer are responsible for many serious accidents and injuries. Drivers on dark roadways and busy freeways often smash into the back of a poorly lit trailer, because they don’t see it in time to stop, especially when traveling at high speeds. Trailer towing safety requires good-quality, bright lighting for brake lights, tail lights, reverse lights, parking lights, and the trailer’s license plate to prevent serious rear-end collisions.

Trailer Maintenance

Just as vehicles require regular upkeep and maintenance for safe driving, trailer maintenance is also important for safe towing. Maintaining safe tires with proper tire treads and tire pressure will help to prevent accidents, especially in inclement weather and hazardous driving conditions. Regularly inspecting the mounting equipment, greasing the coupler, and removing any rust on trailer parts will help to prevent the trailer from dislodging and jackknifing on the road, putting other drivers at high risk for serious injuries and fatalities.

What to do After a Car Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a trailer being towed by a motor-vehicle, contact an Las Vegas personal injury attorney from Cogburn Law Offices to help you navigate through insurance and legal jargon and find the path to compensation.