Spring Break Brings Spike in Car Crashes

Madeleine Jones
April 16, 2018

Popular spring break locations across the country show a significant rise in traffic-related accidents, injuries and fatalities, compared to other times of the year.

Spring Break Traffic Fatalities

Spring break, a popular event that brings large crowds of young people to hot spots each year, also results in a significant rise in car crashes. According to a new study, the spike is caused by thousands of cars and people on the streets, not normally seen at other times during the year. The study shows that spring break, which typically occurs in March or April, creates dangerous conditions for spring breakers, as well as for local residents and visitors.

A published study, Fast Times During Spring Breaks: Are Traffic Fatalities Another Consequence?, examined fatal car crashes in a number of popular spring break destinations within seven states. Researchers looked at results from popular warm-weather destinations in Florida, California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, South Carolina, and Virginia. The study pointed out a number of important findings related to the rise in spring break car crashes:

  • The fatality rate from car crashes during spring break week were almost 10 percent higher than fatalities during other times of the year, resulting in 16 additional deaths per year.
  • Traffic deaths involving drivers from other states were significantly higher than traffic deaths involving in-state drivers.
  • Most car crashes that resulted in fatalities involved drivers who were younger than 25 years of age, compared to older drivers.
  • There was no significant difference between the number of traffic fatalities that involved impaired drivers on alcohol and/or drugs and drivers who were not impaired.

Since spring break creates increased revenue for popular destinations around the country, local communities welcome the large crowds of college students and young people each year. To reduce traffic accidents and fatalities, communities need to find a way to reduce the number of cars on the streets. Car crashes can be an expensive accident and a dedicated car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV could help make your case to get compensation you deserve.

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Some researchers recommend that spring break destinations offer transportation incentives such as travel vouchers for taxis, shuttle buses, and rideshare vehicles. Spring breakers could pick them up at various local places including Chamber of Commerce offices, visitor centers, libraries, hotels, and local restaurants and coffee shops.Transportation vouchers could provide an affordable solution to help reduce the spike in traffic fatalities during spring break.

Car crashes can be an expensive accident and a dedicated and experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney could help make your case to get compensation you deserve.