Do I Need A Lawyer If Speeding Caused An Accident

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Madeleine Jones
June 25, 2020

There is a high probability that you will encounter a fellow driver speeding every time you’re driving. Speeding has become such a common thing to do, we don’t think twice about someone who’s driving above the speed limit. Actually, speeding is one of the most dangerous and often mortal habits on the road. In 2017, around 17% of all vehicle crashes and 26% of the fatalities in a car crash were caused by speeding. But what if you’re involved in an incident in which speeding caused an accident?

It’s important to know the dangers of speeding and why people speed. It can help you be safe on the road. Certainly, in the unfortunate event of being involved in a car accident caused by speeding, either by you or another driver, you should consult with an experienced Las Vegas speeding car accident lawyer to guide you.

What Is Speeding?

Speeding is very self-explanatory, but there is actually more to it than just simply driving above the speed limit. Even if you’re respecting the speed limit, when you drive too fast when there are road conditions, it can be very dangerous. These conditions are one of the reasons why you need to adjust your vehicle’s speed. For example, you can drive 55 miles per hour on a normal sunny day but when it rains, this speed could lead to a disaster.

What Type Of Dangerous Road Conditions Can Affect Speeding

Fatal accidents are caused by drivers who drive too fast for conditions every year. There are some other changes in conditions that can affect your driving like:

  • Fog 
  • Smog
  • Sun glare
  • Traffic congestion
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Nearby pedestrians
  • Nearby animals
  • Debris

Nevada state law requires all drivers to follow the speed limits posted on the road. Nevada uses absolute speed limits. This means a driver cannot try to justify or defend why their speed was a safe speed. Additionally, the law also says that a driver must drive at a reasonable and prudent speed and should have regard to potential dangers.

You could potentially face several hundred dollars in fines if you’re caught speeding. It could be worse if you’re caught in a school or construction zone, up to double the amount. And, that’s not it, you could incur points on your driver’s license and get additional fines if your speeding caused injuries to someone else.

Car Speeding On The Wet Road

Vehicle Speed and the Pedestrian

The speed of the vehicle that hits a pedestrian has a lot to do with the severity of their injuries. If a car going at 20 mph hits a pedestrian, the odds of them dying is only 5%. However, a vehicle going at 35 mph has a 45% chance of killing the pedestrian. If the vehicle that hits the pedestrian was going over 60 mph, it is highly possible for them not to survive.

Potential Accident Injuries

Even an accident involving a low-speed crash can cause injuries. All accidents related to speeding happen at speeds under 55 miles per hour. However, there are several factors that affect the severity and type of potential injuries. These factors can be the speed and where the accident took place, as well as the type of car the driver was in.

Common Injuries In Car Speeding Accidents

  • Whiplash. This happens when a driver’s car is hit from behind. The impact causes the head to whip backward and forward suddenly. It is very similar to the cracking of a whip. In the most severe cases, it can cause spinal disc damage.
  • Traumatic brain injury. This a blow to the head that can disrupt the normal function of the brain. It can be as mild as a minor concussion or as severe as a vegetative state.
  • Soft tissue damage. This includes cuts, burns, strains, and other abrasions. Some of these might not need medical treatment. On the other hand, in more severe cases, they can cause severe pain and leave a permanent scar.

How Speeding Impacts The Value of a Personal Injury Case

For a personal injury, speeding is the most essential element in a car accident to be able to show who was negligent and who is at fault.

In “fault” states, like Nevada, fault and liability have to be determined for each accident. This means each driver is assigned a percentage of the blame. For example, either one driver is 100% responsible for the accident, or one driver is 80% at fault and the other is 20% at fault. 

One example of this would be if one driver is turning left and fails to yield, and causes an accident. But, at the same time, the other driver could have been speeding. Here, both parties share fault. For instance, the one who is less at fault can bring a lawsuit, even if they both share the blame.

But, the amount they can recover will depend on the amount of fault assigned to them. Considering the speed as a contributing factor in a car accident is very important. It can really make a difference between winning the case or losing it. Furthermore, it can also determine how much compensation a party will be awarded.

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Contact A Lawyer If Speeding Caused An Accident

A speeding-related accident can really change your life and it can be really scary. Therefore, if you’re involved in a high-speed accident you should contact a car accident lawyer who understands the emotional and financial toll a speeding accident can have on both you and your family.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a speeding accident, you may be able to receive significant financial compensation. To learn more about your rights, contact the team at Cogburn Law at (702) 748-7777.