Why Road Rage in Las Vegas is So Bad

Madeleine Jones
May 15, 2016

woman in distress inside vehicle, accidentLas Vegas ranks 10th in the nation for road rage incidents, with a rating of 3.95 out of the highest rating of 5.0. There are reports of screaming, rude gestures, car chases, and even gun violence in Las Vegas road rage incidents. A Las Vegas accident lawyer often sees serious injuries and fatalities caused by road rage incidents on Nevada roadways.

What Defines Road Rage?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines road rage as a criminal offense, while aggressive driving is considered a traffic offense. The NHTSA defines road rage as “when a driver intends to commit harm or cause property damage with his/her vehicle, or when the operator or passenger of one motor vehicle assaults the operator or passengers of another vehicle with a moving car or other dangerous weapon.” Since a road rage incident places the blame for accidents and injuries on the driver, a Las Vegas injury lawyer is usually required for legal advice and defense.

Road Rage Statistics in Las Vegas

Traffic studies indicate that more than half of all drivers have experienced anger and aggressive tendencies while driving, but most don’t bang into another car, chase someone down the freeway, or pull out a weapon. Yet road rage contributes to thousands of accidents and injuries on U.S. roads and highways every year. NHTSA road rage statistics show:

  • 66 percent of auto fatalities are caused by road rage or aggressive driving
  • 50 percent of drivers on the receiving end of road rage behavior respond with aggressive behavior themselves
  • 37 percent of road rage incidents involve a firearm or deadly weapon
  • Over 12,600 injuries and 220 murders were attributed to road rage over a seven-year study period

Road Rage in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a high rate of road rage incidents, and many involve firearms. In 2015, a mother of four was killed in her own driveway following a road rage incident involving a gun. Why are road rage incidents so high in Las Vegas?

Although there are no definitive studies, many researchers suggest a link between road rage and the high rate of drunk drivers on Las Vegas roads. For thousands of daily tourists who experience around the clock drinking, gambling losses and sleep deprivation, getting behind the wheel of a car poses a much higher risk for aggressive driving and road rage.