Slip And Fall In A Parking Lot | A Complete Guide

Madeleine Jones
May 10, 2018

Las Vegas self-park garages at casinos and hotels often ignore safety issues that put drivers and patrons in danger of injuries from slip and fall accidents. A slip and fall in a parking lot can happen to anyone, but hazardous property conditions significantly increase the risks. When Las Vegas casinos and hotels ignore parking lot safety issues or fail to make needed repairs, the risks of serious injuries from slip and falls are much higher. If injuries occur it’s imperative you contact a Las Vegas injury attorney because Nevada premises liability laws may hold the casino or hotel responsible for injuries and financial damages.

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Common Reasons For A Slip And Fall Parking Lot Accident

Poor Lighting

Inadequate, dim lighting is one of the main causes of slip and fall accidents and injuries in parking lots. Because of multiple parking levels that often wind up ten floors, natural daylight is minimal, even on bright sunny days. Drivers and pedestrians must rely on overhead fluorescent lighting fixtures that are not adequate for large parking levels. Poor lighting combined with dull gray concrete floors, low ceilings, and large overhead beams creates a perfect setting for dangerous slip and fall accidents.

Slippery Floors

Las Vegas casino and hotel parking garages are usually filled with cars, so oil accumulates quickly in parking stalls and at stops signs. When oil, gas, and fluid leaks build up on slick concrete floors with no slip-resistance, the risks of parking lot slip and falls are significant for people getting in and out of their cars or walking from their cars to elevators and stairwells. Many people suffer broken bones, back, and hip injuries, and head trauma from slippery garage floors.

Broken Glass and Debris

Self-park garages connected to Las Vegas casinos and hotels collect a lot of debris such as trash, food wrappers, beer and wine bottles, and broken glass. Many tourists don’t seem to care much about leaving litter behind as they exit the parking structure. Some tourists even take the time to clean out their cars in the parking lot before leaving the casino or hotel. Stepping in a puddle of liquid or falling on broken glass often results in deep cuts and abrasions, fractures and broken bones, and head injuries.

Dangerous Stairwells

Parking garage stairwells take a lot of daily abuse from heavy pedestrian traffic, so safety is essential to prevent serious slip and fall accidents. Public stairwells with unsafe materials, worn stair treads, loose handrails, and poor lighting contribute to horrific falls and severe injuries. Parking lot stairwells must be constructed with sturdy, non-slip stair treads, strong secure handrails, and adequate lighting to prevent personal injuries to pedestrians.

Steel Signage

Many parking lots have steel signs that are mounted on poles to direct traffic, identify parking levels, mark handicap parking spaces, indicate entrances and exits, and regulate traffic speeds. Drivers often hit these signs and pedestrians often walk into them. When signs are hit or run over by cars, they leave exposed posts with sharp metal edges that can pierce skin or impale unsuspecting pedestrians. Casinos often blame drivers and pedestrians for failing to watch where they are going, but these signs take many people by surprise.

Manholes and Sewer Drains

Although many people never think about falling into an open manhole or sewer drain in a public parking garage, it does happen. Loose or partially closed manholes and sewer drains pose significant injury risks in parking lots. When building a parking lot, a proper slope on each parking level is essential for good water drainage and structural integrity. If a garage worker fails to properly replace a manhole or sewer drain cover, a slip and fall could result in severe injuries, even fatalities.

Parking Bumpers

Parking bumpers in parking lots cause a lot of accidents and injuries. Heavy, pre-cast concrete bumpers often move due to bad alignment with interior iron rebar. These bumpers are usually concealed in a loaded garage. If they get out of alignment, traversing through designed walkways can end in dangerous falls. Since parking bumpers are part of garage construction, many Las Vegas hotels don’t take care of needed repairs.

Exposed Rebar, Bolts, and Anchors

Iron rebar is commonly used in concrete parking structures to add strength, support, and stability to the concrete. It is hidden inside of concrete floors, walls, pillars, and overhead beams. If the concrete gets damaged, chipped, or cracked, the rebar may protrude out of the concrete, leaving a rough, jagged, piece of iron that could cause severe injuries. Improper redesign of a parking structure or removal of existing signs may leave concrete bolts and anchors exposed. Because bolts and anchors are small and usually on the floor, they cause invisible tripping hazards that result in serious injuries.

Hiring A Slip And Fall Lawyer For Parking Lot Accident

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