It’s Time to Get a Grip on Hot Tub Accidents

Madeleine Jones
March 6, 2018

Hot Tubs provide relaxation and health benefits, but serious injuries can occur if proper safety measures are not taken to prevent accidents.

Hot Tub Safety

Many people use hot tubs for relaxation and therapy for aching muscles, but without proper safety measures, hot tub accidents can result in serious injuries and even death. Common hot tub-related injuries include: bruises, cuts, fractures, broken bones, head trauma; overheating, burns, and drowning. Hot tub owners and parents should take proper safety steps to prevent hot tub injuries.

Provide Adequate Supervision

Adult supervision is essential when children are in a hot tub. Children often splash around and play, unlike adults who use hot tubs as a form of relaxation or physical therapy. Children left unattended in a hot tub are often victims of slip and falls that result in fractures, broken bones, and head trauma. If a child is knocked unconscious from a fall, he/she can easily slip into the water and drown.

Prevent Slip and Falls

Many hot tub injuries are the result of slip and fall accidents inside and outside of the hot tub. To prevent injuries, areas that surround the hot tub should have flooring materials with non-slip surfaces. If the hot tub is installed in a deck, painting the deck with sand paint and installing slip-resistant rubber mats near the hot tub can prevent falls. If the hot tub is near steps, anti-skid stair treads are advised.

Regulate the Temperature

Water that’s too hot can elevate body temperature beyond safe limits and cause serious burns. Water temperature in a hot tub should never exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts recommend a maximum soaking time of 15 minutes in a hot tub to avoid dizziness and fainting. Pregnant women, infants and small children, and people on certain medications or who have heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure problems should avoid hot tubs.

Cover the Drain

Exposed drains and suction outlets in hot tubs pose serious injury risks, especially to children. Drain suctions that are not properly covered can result in body entanglement or entrapment and drowning. Drain covers should be periodically inspected and replaced if the expiration date has passed. They should also be compliant with new ANSI/ASME safety standards.