What Kind Of Accidents Lead To Catastrophic Injuries?

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Madeleine Jones
February 4, 2021

When an accident happens it happens so quickly that people tend to not realize the severity of injuries they may have sustained because of the initial shock and concern. While many accidents can result in mild injuries, others can end in catastrophic ones. If you have been involved in an accident you will need the help of an experienced catastrophic injury attorney in Las Vegas to help you determine if you can get compensation for these injuries.

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What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries are associated with lifelong damages that can leave the victim disabled temporarily or permanently. Unfortunately, there are several accidents that can cause these injuries to happen and there could be some negligence involved. The most common catastrophic injuries include:

Knowing the different causes of catastrophic injuries can help the injured victims to pursue the compensation they deserve when their injuries are caused by negligence. Here are the most common accidents that can lead to catastrophic injuries:

The Official Definition Of A Catastrophic Injury In Nevada Law

Means an injury sustained from an accident and resulting in:

      1. The total loss of sight in one or both eyes;

      2. The total loss of hearing in one or both ears;

      3. The loss by separation of an arm or leg;

      4. An injury to the head or spine which results in paralysis of the legs, the arms, or both the legs and arms;

      5. An injury to the head which results in severe cognitive impairment, as determined by a nationally recognized method of objective psychological testing;

      6. An injury consisting of second or third-degree burns on 50 percent or more of:

      (a) The body;

      (b) Both hands; or

      (c) The face;

      7. The total loss of or significant and permanent impairment of speech;

      8. A coma or vegetative state;

      9. The loss or significant impairment of the function of one or more vital internal organs or organ systems;

      10. The mangling, crushing, or amputation of a major portion of an extremity;

      11. An injury which the insurer and the injured employee agree should be administered as a claim for a catastrophic injury;

      12. An injury determined to be a catastrophic injury pursuant to NRS 616C.703; or

      13. Any other category of injury deemed to be catastrophic as determined by the Administrator.

(Added to NRS by 2009, 2778; A 2011, 717)

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common reason someone may sustain a catastrophic injury, like a spine injury, brain injury, burn, amputation, etc. The most common car accidents that can cause these kinds of injuries to include:

Multi-vehicle Collisions

This kind of collision is when multiple vehicles are involved in the crash. These can include side swipe, rear-end, t-bone, and head-on collisions. The crash’s collision can create an impact between the frame, dashboard, or any other part of your car and your head, causing a severe traumatic brain injury.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are one of the most dangerous accidents and they can often result in catastrophic injuries. Commercial trucks’ large size is enough to create chaos on the roads when there is negligence involved. The sheer size of these vehicles can create a momentum that is hard to reverse when an oncoming collision ensues. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorists have a frame around them when they drive a car and that offers them a bit of protection from the road. However, many motorcyclists get on the road without much protective gear that could potentially keep them safe in the event of an accident. Even if they wear a helmet, it is still possible for them to suffer from a brain or neck injury since the motorcyclist is at risk of being thrown off the motorcycle in a crash.

Most car accidents take place because of someone else’s negligence, including drunk driving, reckless driving, and distracted driving. For more information, you can consult an experienced catastrophic injury attorney in Las Vegas.

Pedestrian Accidents

Very much like motorcycle accidents, pedestrians are not protected from reckless drivers crashing into them. Many of these accidents can happen because of high speeds, drunk driving, distracted driving, or simply when the driver is not following the law.

When a pedestrian gets hit by a large car, they can sustain head and spine injuries. The victim may suffer from long-term damage, such as spinal cord or brain injuries that can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia.

A lot of pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas take place at intersections, where drivers are supposed to stop for traffic signs and signals. When these drivers fail to adhere to the laws because of negligence or distractions it can potentially lead to them hitting a pedestrian.

Slip And Fall Accidents

When someone slips and falls, it’s very easy for gravity to do its job and the person can land on their neck, head, or any other part of their body. 

Unfortunately, there are many situations where an innocent slip can result in serious injuries. It’s very important to be able to recognize these situations where catastrophic injuries are most prevalent.

Construction Sites

These are some of the most common places in which slip and falls happen. There are several areas where dangers are higher, such as loose wires and tools on the ground. Not abiding by proper health and safety codes can result in unsafe workplaces and employees can pay the price. Power tool injuries can also be considered catastrophic.

Dangerous Properties

If you slip and fall on someone else’s property, premises liability factors come into play. This may include torn carpets, broken staircases, or any other problem that the owner of the property was aware of and didn’t fix it.

Black Ice Injuries

During the winter season, black ice can potentially form on the ground. This is something every property owner or even the city has to take care of to keep pedestrians safe. If a person slips on black ice, there are factors to determine such as negligence or who is liable.

Fires And Explosions

People working in certain industries deal with flammable hazards daily. Even if you feel extremely safe during work or even as a patron at a restaurant, if another person is negligent and causes a fire or an explosion, you can end up with severe burn injuries. 

For example, if you’re eating at a restaurant and a waiter spills hot soup on you, you could suffer from a permanent burn injury. It could be looked into to see if there was negligence involved and if the waiter can be held accountable. 

Similarly, at a workplace such as a refinery or a plant, explosions can occur and it is imperative every single worker is safe.

How We Can Help With Catastrophic Injuries

At Cogburn Law, we know how a catastrophic injury can result in extensive bills, long-term damages, the constant need for medical care, lost income from not being able to work, etc. You need an attorney to take legal action against the person who caused your accident and your injuries.

Our Las Vegas catastrophic injury attorneys can help you in your time of need. We have taken care of countless cases involving the most serious of injuries and we know what to do to help you pursue the justice you deserve against the person responsible for your injury.

When someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, we’ll be there to compile the evidence and resources needed to put your best interests first and build a strong case for you. We will go the extra mile to make sure you get the most favorable outcome.

Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

At Cogburn Law, we’re ready to take your call and give you a free consultation. We can assess your situation and determine how much your case is worth to you. Call us now at (702) 748-7777 and we’ll be happy to help you!

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